All Boy Crazy

My Heart Will Always Be His. My Body Will Always Be Everyone's

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Nothing has been formally settled, and already my feelings are headed in that direction on their own.
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (via opepin)

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Fat is not a feeling. Fat is a metaphor. Fat is excess. Fat is unwanted. Fat is unacceptable. Fat is shame. Fat is to be gotten rid of. Fat is the whole family of feelings I do not want to feel. So when I say I’m feeling fat, it’s of no use to respond in regards to my body. You may think I’m talking about my body; I may think I’m talking about my body. But what I’m feeling has nothing to do with my size or shape or weight, and everything to do with this mass of feelings. Which are not fat. Nor excess, or shameful, or to be gotten rid of. Those feelings need to be accepted. Those feelings make you whole. Those feelings make you enough - not too little or too much - just the way you are.
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